These are troubling times for us here in America, with the recent hurricanes and Las Vegas shooting. However it should come to no surprise that Trump managed to once again steal back the headlines by saying or doing something disastrous (perhaps moronic if you ask Tillerson).  

It all took place after a meeting with military leaders Thursday, when Trump posed for photographers. According to BBC, Trump began gesturing at the people around him, and asked the waiting press if they knew "what this represents".

"Maybe it's the calm before the storm," he said.

When reporters asked what storm he was referring to, he stated, "You'll find out."

He had earlier told his top defense officials he expected them to provide "a broad range of military options... at a much faster pace" in future.

Many initially believed his comments were referring to heightened tensions with North Korea, but the New York Times says "people who have been briefed on the matter" believe he means Iran.

Recently Trump has made it clear he plans to abandon the Iran nuclear deal despite fierce opposition from members of his own cabinet.

This may be another attempt to pacify his base supporters. Opposition to the deal was a major part of his campaign last year. It seems Trump’s favorite strategy to combat negative press is to create more of it.

Even many Republicans who criticized the agreement when it was made say it’s foolish to pull out now. The US has already given Iran a large portion of the money agreed upon. To pull out now would only allow Iran out of their side of the agreement.

The presidency must certify the deal every 90 days and Trump has already done so twice.

If he refuses to certify the deal again, Congress would have 60 days to decide whether to re-impose sanctions on Iran.


From his statements, Trump believes that there will be a need for military action. So the question here is why Trump is willing to pull out of a deal which would potentially cause a war?

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