Trump blames Obama for Russian interference

According to President Trump, Obama failed to make an effort to stop Russian meddling. Trump went as far as to say it was Obama, not his administration, who was colluding with the Russians.

This is hard to believe after the months Trump spent denying Russian interference in the November election all together.

"If Russia was working so hard on the 2016 election, it all took place during the Obama Admin. Why didn’t they stop them?" asked Trump last week on Twitter. 

"If he [Obama] had the information, why didn't he do something about it?" said Trump during a recent interview with Fox News. "The CIA gave him information on Russia a long time before they even – before the election. And I hardly see it. It’s an amazing thing,” said Trump. 

Monday Trump lashed out claiming, “The reason that President Obama did NOTHING about Russia after being notified by the CIA of meddling is that he expected Clinton would win,” “...and did not want to ‘rock the boat.’ He didn’t ‘choke,’ he colluded or obstructed, and it did the Dems and Crooked Hillary no good.”

Of course Obama didn’t collude with the Russian to have Donald Trump elected as president however was he negligent regarding the Russian interference?

On October 7th, the Obama Administration announced the theft and subsequent release of DNC emails was part of a larger campaign “intended to interfere with the US election process". However some criticize Obama for not taking the threat seriously until after Trump won the election. 

A detailed timeline of events published last week in the Washington Post suggests the Obama Administration dragged its feet in order to prevent politicization of the Russia threat during an election that was already rife with scandal. “It is the hardest thing about my entire time in government to defend,” an Obama administration official has been quoted as saying. “I feel like we sort of choked.”   

Even a few Democrats have voiced their frustration on Obama’s lack of action regarding Russia's “attack” on the election. “It was inadequate. I think they could have done a better job informing the American people of the extent of the attack,” complained Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA). “I understand the analysis, but look where we are right now. This was the worst mess our democracy has been in since the Civil War.” 

The penalties Obama levied on Russia were “barely a slap on the wrist,” adds Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

Did Obama choke or is there more going on than what meets the eye? I would bet on the latter.

Looking back to last autumn, it is easy to blame Obama. After all, hindsight is 20/20 and we now know the frightening effect Russians had on our election (even if only from a propaganda standpoint). Nonetheless try to think back on last year’s political environment. How would Trump and his supporters have reacted to Obama’s allegations?

How might this have played out if Obama had tried to intervene?

No doubt, Obama would have been prosecuted by the republicans further and accused of rigging the election for Clinton. Not only that, but unlike Trump, maybe Obama wanted to keep his intelligence confidential for fear of a worse attack from the Russians.

Although many of us are still unhappy about the outcome of the November election, we must be united and resist the temptation to follow the Republicans lead in attacking Obama. Obama may have acted differently now knowing the consequences of his actions, however, he did what he believed was right at the time. It is much more important for Democrats and other left leaning individuals to force the current administration to get to the bottom of the Russia investigation to ensure The United States’ democracy is safe from further attacks. We cannot stand for a President or a Congress who consistently spits out lies and tries to conceal their heinous plans to the American public.



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