Senator Bernie Sanders

With the swarm of confusion and chaos surrounding the Trump administration, many have a hard time remembering the breaking news from last week let alone a few months ago. This makes it hard to blame those who have forgotten that Hillary Clinton and the DNC allegedly cheated Bernie Sanders out of having a fair chance winning Democratic primaries. In fact, Hillary Clinton was projected to win as the Democratic nominee from the start; despite the growing movement which followed the Independent Senator of Vermont. 

As states started to vote in the primaries, Sanders’ grassroots funded campaign began raising far more money than anyone, including Bernie himself, could have imagined. As a matter of fact, Sanders ran on the notion he would hold Wall Street accountable and would not accept money from “the 1%”. The idea of a fairer and friendlier United States rallied American youth and both sides of the political spectrum appeared to like Bernie personally even if they disagreed with his policies. Additionally, numerous political polls used Sanders’ bipartisan support to predict his victory over Trump. 

With all this success it’s hard to understand why the media seemed confident he wouldn’t stand a chance (although, the media were wrong more than once). 

Many Bernie supporters accused the mainstream media of favoring Clinton and denying Sanders the coverage he deserved. They also claimed voter suppression targeted college students and other youth (the primary demographic behind Sanders). Nonetheless, the claims were all speculation until a few emails, out of an otherwise unimpressive array of emails from Hillary Clinton, were leaked. In these emails, Clinton officials and officials from the DNC wrote back in forth, self-confessing to stacking the deck against Sanders. 

Amidst the fear of a Trump presidency, the leaked emails failed to cause a wave. Many leftist had no time to process or concern themselves with these revelations. Even Bernie himself urged his followers to support Clinton for fear of a worse fate under Trump. The motivation to rally together against Trump appeared to mend all wounds. It would seem all was forgiven in the Democratic Party. 

That is until a few die hard Bernie Sanders supporters decided to file a suit against Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) and the Democratic National Committee. In this case, Wilding v. DNC, the plaintiffs state Schultz and the DNC “defrauded them out of their money by pledging to be neutral when in fact the committee was working, from early on, to help Hillary Clinton — and only Hillary Clinton.” They even claim “intentional, willful, wanton and malicious” conduct was involved.

What is more concerning for those involved in the case is the continued blackout from the media. “This seems like an important case, as important as you can get,” attorney Cullin O’Brien told LifeZette. The lack of media involvement concerning Sanders may be alarming considering it is a large part of the case against the DNC. However in all fairness they have a lot on their hands. Lies and deception run deep for the Republican Party, but perhaps they aren’t the only ones deceiving the public. If the Democrats want to win back the congress and presidency, they must resolve issues which divide and alienate potential supporters. You can’t fix problems by ignoring them.

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