Thursday 28th , October 2021
Thursday February 22nd 2018
Parkland shooting survivors talk to Trump
Guns, Pills & Dollar Bills
Any normal human being would react to the recent school shooting in Parkland with empathy, sadness, and disgust. However, it seems most of our elected representatives are not "normal" human beings. Wh...
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Friday January 19th 2018
Me Too, Too Many Times
He was kind but only in the way that he made sure you knew he was kind. Like, he wouldn’t just do something without making it known to everyone what he had done. Every good deed was calculated a...
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Wednesday January 3rd 2018
A Well Deserved Laugh
Numerous surveys show American's are overwhelmed and exausted by recent politics. I definitely understand, so instead of getting on my soapbox and talking about world events, here are some Trump inspi...
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Monday November 27th 2017
Terrorist Attack in Egypt Kills Over 300
A group of terrorists in camo pants and black T-shirts stormed into the al-Rawdah mosque in northern Sinai on Friday, using explosives and machine guns to kill as many people as possible. Militants se...
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Wednesday November 1st 2017
2017 is deadliest year on record for California wildfires
Why are Dems Wasting the Perfect Opportunity to Push for Climate Policy?
For all their preaching, Democrats are doing little to combat the raging wildfires and hurricanes plaguing the nation’s coastlines.  Over the past few months, we have seen Hurricane Harvey ...
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Thursday October 26th 2017
Clinton & DNC Funded Trump Dossier
The Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC helped fund the research resulting in the infamous “Trump dossier.”  The dossier, first published by BuzzFeed in January, contained all sorts ...
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Thursday October 19th 2017
Zoltan Istvan candidate for California Governor
California's Zoltan Istvan - Politics of Technology and Immortality
The political system is changing. With the influx of resources and information available to American citizens, individuals are digging deeper to learn the truth about those currently in power. Many me...
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Friday October 13th 2017
Citizens protest against gun violence
Gun Violence: Enough Is Enough
It’s been a little over a week since the Las Vegas Massacre and it was the first time that I can remember that I literally was at a loss for words. Which is unusual because I’m a pretty ou...
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Friday October 6th 2017
Trump, "This is the calm before the storm"
These are troubling times for us here in America, with the recent hurricanes and Las Vegas shooting. However it should come to no surprise that Trump managed to once again steal back the headlines by ...
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Wednesday September 20th 2017
Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump
Trump Threatens Kim Jong-un
President Trump attended his first UN General Assembly this week, where he delivered a very "Trumpy" 41-minute speech on topics including Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Venezuela’s economic col...
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Friday September 15th 2017
Donald Trump Works With Dems
Is Trump Switching Sides?
President Trump has decided to give into Democrats’ demands that he legalize the Dreamers – hundreds of thousands of young illegals who applied for protections under DACA (Deferred Action ...
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Wednesday September 6th 2017
Kim Jong Un
North Korea Tests Hydrogen Bomb
North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test this weekend, launching what they claim to be a hydrogen bomb capable of being launched inside a long-range missile. The blast, which North Korea has call...
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Tuesday August 22nd 2017
Antifa Riots Against Trump
Chomsky: Antifa's Tactics Are a Gift to the Right
After the violence at Charlottesville, Antifa, one of the groups responsible, has been coined by the conservatives as proof the far left also uses violence to promote its cause.  And as much as i...
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Friday August 18th 2017
Trump covering his ears
CEOs Dump Trump
So much for Trump's negotiation skills and business savvy... President Trump pulled the plug on two of his economic advisory councils this week after several CEOs quit in response to the “white ...
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Thursday August 10th 2017
Paul Manafort
Pre-Dawn Raid on Trump's Former Campaign Manager
The FBI conducted a surprise raid on former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s Virginia home in the early morning hours of July 26th. The raid came one day after Manafort spoke with members ...
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